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Wood Types and Descriptions «
      CHERRY        Prunus serotina

Physical Properties
   Cherry is a medium density wood that is moderately hard and heavy, strong, and stiff. After it is kiln-dried, the wood is dimensionally stable, which yields a high shock resistance.

Working Properties
   Cherry is an excellent all around wood. It can be easily machined and planed to smooth, clean surfaces. Its qualities produce clean sawing, turning, drilling and sanding. It is excellent for mouldings, mortising and other millwork. It accepts stains and all types of finishes without issue. It has good glue, nail and screw strength qualities.

 cherry  cherry

Main Uses
   Furniture, cabinets, flooring, veneer, paneling, mouldings, turnings, carvings, musical instruments, high-class joinery, boat interiors, interior finishing, woodenware, medical instruments, tobacco pipes, handles, novelties and plywood.

   Cherry is the most commonly known hardwood native to America. Its heartwood ranges from a light reddish brown to a deep rich red color, while the sapwood ranges from a creamy white to a light reddish brown. The wood color darkens with time and to the exposure of light, with or without a finish. It is fine grained, often with a wavy figure. It is not unusual to have natural brown pith flecks and small gum pockets. Cherry is the most commercially used native species of tree.
   Cherry grows in a variety of places extending from Southeastern Canada through the East Coast and much of Midwest in America. It can also be found in places like British Columbia, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. It can even be found in the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala.