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1. Can I buy direct from you?
a. We do not sell direct. Please contact your local dealer for assistance. If you are unaware of whom your local dealer is, please refer to our Dealer Locator.

2. Why isn’t my local dealer listed on Lyndon’s Dealer Locator?
a. Dealer Locator is a complete listing of all our dealers. If you believe that your dealer is unlisted please have them Contact Us.

3. Why is my cherry a different color than the one I saw in the showroom?
a. Cherry is photosensitive and therefore darkens into a deep rich color with exposure to light. The furniture in the showroom has already been exposed to a mixture of overhead lighting and natural light, so the color has matured. Your furniture will look like that in time, depending on the amount of light it gets.
Photosensitivity affects different wood types in different ways. Explore the Wood Types and Descriptions to know more about how sunlight can affect certain woods.

4. What are the black marks on my table?
a. The black marks on your table are mineral and pith fleck. These are most natural and are considered beauty enhancing character marks that do not exist in artificial or veneered furniture.

5. Can you quote me prices for furniture that I am interested in purchasing?
a. Please contact your local dealer for assistance. If you are unaware of whom your local dealer is, please refer to our Dealer Locator. Because each dealer may offer special discounts at their discretion, we could not possibly give you pricing on our products that would accurately reflect you dealer’s retail pricing.

6. How do I care for my newly purchased furniture?
a. We take great pride in creating a piece of furniture that can someday be passed down from generation to generation. However, its lasting beauty depends a great deal on the care it receives. For recommendations of how to care for your furniture, please refer to our Furniture Care page.

7. What should I do if I have a problem with my furniture?
a. Please start by contacting your retailer. If it is something they feel we need to be involved in, they will contact us. It is best if you do not contact us directly as they have all the info we would need to better help you.

8. Can I have a Lyndon product finished to match another manufacturers’ finish?
a. Yes. However, this is a custom option. Please contact your local dealer for assistance in the custom process.

9. Does humidity affect my furniture?
a. Wood, even after it is cut and kiln dried, still moves with changes in temperature and humidity. Please read Watch for Humidity on the Furniture Care page.

10. Can I get my furniture in a different type of wood than offered?
a. Yes. However, this is a custom option. Please contact your local dealer to start the custom process.

11. Can I customize a chair (i.e. upholstery, height, paint, etc.)?
a. We are not able to provide customization of chairs. We will apply COM (Customer�s Own Material) in addition to standard Lyndon fabric choices at no charge.

12. What stain in used on natural cherry or walnut?
a. No stain is used. Our natural finish is a combination of tone enhancer and clear high solids lacquer.

13. Can I get table locks for my extension table and leaves?
a. Table locks are only available on certain tables 42 inches or wider. Please contact your local dealer to find out which tables are applicable.

14. What does the 48” buffet and hutch look like?
a. The 48� buffet is scaled down version of the 60�. The buffet has four doors and the hutch has two doors.

15. Do you do factory tours?
a. No. Factory tours are not available due to safety regulations.

16. Do table leafs come with aprons?
a. If the table has an apron, the leaf will have matching aprons. Only tables with the self store option have leaves with aprons that fold under.

17. Can I get 3 leaves for my table?
a. Yes. However, these are only available on certain tables. The third leaf would not be a self-store item. Contact your local dealer to order.

18. Where can I get a table pad? Who would you recommend?
a. We recommend Ohio Table Pad Company. Please contact your local dealer to order yours today. For more information on Ohio Table Pad Company, you can visit them at

19. Can I get a stool without a swivel?
a. No, but swivels can be locked upon request. The lock has the ability to be removed if desired.

20. What does the canopy on the Pencil Post bed look like?
a. The tops of the posts are all connected forming a rectangle. To see a photo, go to the Pencil Post product page.

21. Can I get locks on file drawers?
a. Yes. Please contact your local dealer to order.

22. Can I order custom furniture?
a. Yes! We specialize in custom furnishings. Almost everything we offer can be customized. Contact your local dealer to start the custom process.

23. Do trestle tables have aprons?
a. Aprons have two functions. They hide the slides and they provide stability for four leg and pedestal tables. Trestles typically do not have aprons. You can custom order a trestle with aprons by contacting your local dealer.

24. How many place settings are available around my table?
a. You can estimate by allowing 20” to 24” per person/per seat.